What's in a Name?

The company name ... It’s pronounced Ember – Din. Din like dinner.

Although, the name is a combination of two words, Ember and Dynamic, so you’d be forgiven if you thought it was pronounced Ember – Dine.

As mentioned, the company name is a combination of what I view to be two very meaningful words in the English language. First, an ember is a spark. It’s a burning piece of a fire that remains even when the fire seems to be out. I see it as that spark within us, and even when it seems like the fire has been extinguished and there’s no burning passion or motivation, an ember lingers within us. The ember waits to ignite the next exciting moment, dream, or experience that brings us peace and happiness. It’s the seed that fuels the fire within us.

The second word, dynamic, means a process or system that is characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. I believe that change is inevitable. As humans we grow complacent and stagnant if we don’t embrace change. As a result, we find ourselves unhappy and unsatisfied. That ember within us is the fuel that leads us to change and progress.

That was my hope when I started Emberdyn. To fan that ember within you to help motivate and educate you on how to bring positive change to your life and pursue a career as a web developer.

Hello, my name is Shawn Foster.

Welcome to Emberdyn!

I have a bachelors and masters degree in education and taught in the public education system for 5 years. I also have a masters degree in Information Systems and have been developing websites for over 20 years. I have worked as a Java developer, PHP Web Applications Engineer, Magento e-commerce Web Developer, Systems Architect, and Senior Software Developer working with Node.js and React. I have also developed my own platforms using Node.js as a Restful API and Vue for the frontend.

I have a passion for teaching coding and technology to both children and adults. I teach a regular set of web development courses to adults seeking to break in to the technology field here in Charleston, SC. I also designed and organized the curriculum for children’s after school coding courses.

I founded Emberdyn so that I can share the knowledge I have gained over the years with others in an interesting and engaging way, to help them meet their goals for success. I measure success in terms of happiness. If you have found something that you love and are passionate about then you are well on your way to finding success. It means you have started to ignite that ember within you.

Web development is that passion for me! It is an ever growing and changing industry with limitless opportunities! My goal is to help you gain the skills needed to be successful. Subscribe my YouTube channel to see the FREE lessons and tutorials that I have provided to help you on your journey. I will regularly add more content to that channel. I will also be adding full online courses that you will be able to purchase to help you grow even more as a developer so that you can meet your career goals as quickly as possible.